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Lone wolf Bakery


Since her teens, Rachael never needed an excuse to don her apron, rev up the mixer and whip up devilishly, delectable cakes and bakes.

Proudly self-taught, Rachael adapted her own methods, which has earned her a unique identity for incorporating childhood flavours into her treats; baking with pure childhood nostalgia.

In 2018, Rachael began her professional baking career at The Wolf House Bakery in Silverdale, as Head Baker.


The 'Lone Wolf Bakery' was an idea she entertained as her dream of becoming a one-woman Microbakery until the pandemic hit. After months of furlough and enjoying her days baking little 'cake parcels' for friends and family, she began bringing Lone Wolf to life.

Perfecting her recipes on her daily bakes allowed Rachael to try almost Willy Wonker-esque ideas on unassuming family and friends, who were unknowingly her official taste testing team! Now equipped with her core ideas, she decided to test her creations by selling her baked treats and operate from her home kitchen.


Rachael Spence - The Lone Wolf Bakery, presenting one of her signature wedding cakes.
Fresh baked brioche rolls being iced

Starting small within her home town of Morecambe & Lancaster, Rachael began selling her bakes to customers who couldn't get enough. This was it; the Lone Wolf was loose! Offering subscription boxes of her signature tray bakes and her- still incredibly popular- Cinnamon Brioche Rolls, Lone Wolf Bakery is a post-pandemic success story.

Rachael has since developed a unique style of rustic celebration cakes which have proven ever popular with birthdays and weddings. Her wedding cakes have been featured in photoshoots for Weddings at Ashton Memorial Lancaster and Country Weddings Magazine.

Lone Wolf Bakery outgrew its humble beginnings and stretched its legs to find its new home in a small retail unit on Meeting House Lane in Lancaster.

Rachael's bakes have become so iconic, that her products can be found in local institutions such as Brucciani's of Morecambe, Carrington's and Diplo's Pizza.

The story of Lone Wolf Bakery continues...

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